Marketing Manager

By definition, marketing refers to the process or technique of promoting, selling and distributing a product or service. Marketing professionals are needed across industries and at organizations of all sizes. Titan Media Entertainment is now expanding its Video filming and Editing business into Pinellas/Hillsborough and surrounding counties with a hand picked and trained skilled team of professionals and its first Marketing Manager Natalie Nave to overlook its expansion. Her goal right out of the gate is to grow the business to the levels of success it has had in its corporate Volusia county. Natalie’s extensive Marketing background has laid the groundwork and foundation for Titan Media Entertainment’s expansion. After reviewing her past work history and high recommendations, she was the obvious choice to lead this new business expansion, says…Owner/President of Titan Media Entertainment Chris Jones. Natalie excelled as a Business Banker with Wells Fargo for 17 years, a seasoned Mortgage and Loan specialist and car loans purchasing and refinancing. She also spent 2.5 years as a corporate vendor for Hallmark and Jacent products….building Displays and Advertising to increase sales for retail giants such as, WALMART, COSTCO, PUBLIX, WALGREENS AND WINN DIXIE. Owner/President Chris Jones says, “her background and superior ability to hand pick her team members, manage and talk to clients, customers and other interested parties through healthy contact management practices”, guarantees Titan Media Entertainment continued Growth, Integrity and Success in its new expansion role. Natalie states that her hand picked team here at Titan Media Entertainment also requires specific tools for building marketing plans, organizing projects and reporting on the results. Those tools are a breakthrough strategy….a strong plan…and a brilliant and seasoned leader to establish clear roles and responsibilities in her team, enabling her team to effectively work together to deliver great results.