Bryan Workman – Podcast Event Coordinator

For as long as I can remember working with people has been in my blood. My career successes have spanned many years and many industries and I have been humbled to have met some truly amazing people along the way. You could easily say my passion is people, and at the heart of that passion are my favorite two little people…my son and daughter! They are my inspiration for life and also my desire to live it to it’s fullest. Although I like to consider myself a true Floridian after living here for most of my life. The truth is my beginning started far north in a small town in the mountains of Vermont. Growing up and living for the thrill which was evident in pretty much everything I did. I got my first dirt bike when I was 4 and had mastered it by 5. I started sking and within a year was featured in local commercials and represented by some top line ski companies. In my town you didn’t need to know your own business because everyone else did. Even though I lived in or around the biggest cities in the U.S. I treasure to this day the small town closeness I was accustomed to growing up, Closeness and connection is definitely a by product of my childhood and I credit my success in business with my desire to meet and connect with people. My background and the talented group here at Titan Media Entertainment have prepared me in my goal of helping businesses promote growth by up close and Personal Podcasts. Working along side Owner Chris Jones and Producer/Editor Jesse Delay gives me the confidence to bring Titans Media and Entertainment approach to every business owner in the form of Business Owner Podcasts!

                        IF YOU WANNA GO FAST……GO ALONE

                        IF YOU WANNA GO FAR……..GO WITH OTHERS