Barter Buddies Program

An educational program in its early stages within the barter for blessings program. Through barter for blessings we hope to provide computers and educational items to local community centers to give children an extra incentive to strive to go to college and finish their education. Through this program we will have a grades incentive program where children will be eligible for scholarship funds for college. Items could be bartered for the program and donations may be made to the program to allow for scholarship funds and other items needed in the community for the children such as books, clothing toys and a holiday party.

Busy Bees Program

This is a volunteer program set up within the barter for blessings division to provide persons who have the desire to serve others. There are so many ways we can help the community and so many persons who want to give of themselves, not for monetary compensation but for personal fulfillment. Our volunteers will visit the sick in their homes and hospitals, help with hospice professionals, deliver food and other items to those who may not be able to provide for themselves. They will be involved in community projects and will give their time to senior citizen and outreach programs that may be understaffed by licensed professionals. And will be available for other positions as needed.

Big Brothers Program

Our goal at barter for blessings big brothers programs is to assist new charitable programs or causes with our assortment of media resources(parent company Titan Media Entertainment Inc.) and barter abilities. Our team will review and evaluate the needs and goals of the charity or cause and assist in its beginning stages until completion. We obtain the media resources and tailor them to for and promote the needs and goals  of the charity or cause through our parent company Titan Media Entertainment Inc. we will barter the needed items from our barter brothers network. You can review our progress of our charities and causes. On our website or our virtual magazine “ fulfillment”.


Barter For Books Program

Our goal is to diligently and passionately seek needy schools, recreation centers, orphanages, boys and girls clubs, big brothers and big sister organizations, charities, church’s,etc. and supply books reading and educational materials; literature throughout the community and beyond with our barter abilities. We hope these helpful offerings reach each child or individual in a different way.